As HPP Continues to Grow, GL Foods Expands Services


Within the span of nearly a decade, High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology has taken the food industry and food safety and preservation market by storm. With high pressure pasteurization, as it is also referred to, providing a safe and effective mechanism to extend the shelf life of food products through purely high pressure processes, ┬ácompanies such as Global Leading Foods have capitalized on this technology and further “redefined what it means to be an HPP service provider.”


GL Foods Adds Services

Since opening in Coppell, Texas in 2010 Global Leading Foods and CEO Kelley Battles have sought to meet customers requests and food product needs on every level. Now 3 years later, GL Foods has grown into a “multi-facility co-packer and HPP services provider” providing solutions to these same customer desires. With newly installed “bagging systems, check-weighers, scales and metal detectors” GL Foods is able to accept a combination of products to be packaged, sent through the HPP operations and then stored and packaged in the master cases within an “USDA inspected clean room”. All such services of course are catered to the customers requests. This addition of services and added clean room area enables GL Foods to further itself as an HPP service provider as now a co-packer as Kelley Battles states that “we can take bulk product, bag it and check-weigh it, all while high-pressuring something else.”

In addition, Kelley believes that an added “three, maybe four lines” is the ideal operation to advance their HPP capabilities. At approximately 350,000 pounds of food able to be processed a week, additional HPP lines would set the sky as the limit for Global Leading Foods and all that can be accomplished.

Global Leading Foods also retains a key advantage in the HPP market, location. Located in Dallas, Texas “GL Foods can go to the processors and tell them ‘We are within a couple hundred miles of your location, offering this service.'”

As HPP continues its growing popularity and reach, GL Foods plans to grow along side and provide services to go along with it.