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  • High Pressure Processing

    High Pressure Processing is a food preservation technique to increase shelf life and rid food of pathogens. Food products are exposed to increased levels of hydro static water pressure. By being subjected to high pressure, microorganisms and enzymes that lead to food going bad are inactivated. High Pressure Processing or HPP, has advantages evident in […] Read More

  • HPP Texas

    HPP Texas, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, has become the leading High Pressure Processing advisors in America. We proudly partner with Avure Technologies,  the global leader in High Pressure Processing technology. HPP, a no-heat-added food preservation process, utilizes intense levels of hydrostatic water pressure to create packaged products that are safer, have a longer shelf life, organic, […] Read More

  • CEO Kelley Battles

    Dallas Entrepreneurs of the Year 2012 The finalists in this year’s Ernst & Young program show they have the grit it takes to achieve success. From D CEO July-August 2012 In 2009, Kelley Battles launched Global Leading Foods, based in Coppell, Texas. He secured two investors, liquidated his assets, and purchased a $2.5 million High […] Read More

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CEO Will Gruver: US Power & Environment

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